A novel online marketplace for sweets pioneers in e-commerce

Fast-moving consumer brands are building their digital footprint in multiple ways. In addition to building the brands online, Gemdevelops also wanted to stand in the forefront of online retail. Our goal was to design a web store that makes Fazer a forerunner in the online sales of confectionery.

As part of this goal, Gemdevelops also wanted to explore new business models and ways of operating in the omnichannel environment. We needed to build a novel, memorable and personal brand experience that engages consumers with a combination of intuitive online store and unique packaging design.

  • Concept design
  • Service design
  • UX design, UI design
  •  Packaging design, Visual identity design

The company has created strong brands with consistency, engaging the consumers across brand encounters and constant renewal to stay relevant in the customers’ minds. These attributes served as the initial design drivers in the development of the customer journey.

Since the beginning of the project, Gem Develops aspired to build a fast-to-market solution. With agile methods and the agile Shopify platform, the development and design of the service was quickly refined with the client and the end-users. What’s truly remarkable is that online store was up-and-running in less than four months. Carlos was in charge of the technical execution of the site.

The online Candy Store provides customers with an enjoyable UX and clear UI. It offers a carefully designed customer experience that covers the entire customer journey from the selection phase to purchasing, ordering, unboxing and enjoying the products.

…The store experience was topped with a unique package design concept: Online Exclusive boxes that cannot be purchased anywhere else.

The concept is flexible and scalable. It supports for example seasonal themes, new concept ideas and campaigns within the same platform. We produced the visual concept, interface, layouts, color choices, animations and transitions of the online store.

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