Grow brand awareness engagement traffic
Grow Brand Awareness, Engagement & Traffic.

Social Media Marketing

Game-changing social media marketing.

An organic social strategy can help you build a community of brand advocates, engage your audience, and connect and communicate with them directly.

Company247 offers:

Channel optimization

Content creation

Regular posting

Hashtag outreach

How our SEO team can help

The SEO team’s accomplishments are as remarkable as they are diverse: from taking small stores to local domination, to aiding global brands to fend off fierce competition. Our success comes from our diversity: computer scientists, historians, developers, literature gurus, graphic designers, and even a neuroscientist provide our clients with a plethora of talents.


Social Media Marketing – Grow Brand Awareness Engagement & Traffic

Drive customers, grow your audience and expand your reach.


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many other networks are simply a part of daily life for millions – in fact, billions – of us. The ubiquitous use of Facebook extends to more than a quarter of the earths population- that’s more than 2 billion active users.

With such a far-reaching scope, it’s no wonder that these networks have become such a valuable tool for businesses. If you’re not posting on Facebook, trending on Twitter or sharing pictures on Instagram, you’re behind the times – but we can help.

Effective social media marketing is about much more than just posting. Understanding proper optimization on social networks is a nuanced and delicate thing. What works for one brand may not be best for your brand.

Social Media Marketing – Grow Brand Awareness Engagement & Traffic

Social Media Analysis

Advertise to Your Exact Audience

Target the person, not the keyword

Paid advertising campaigns on social networks offer distinct advantages compared to traditional pay-per-click (PPC) on search networks.

Social media advertising allows you to isolate people with specific jobs, skills, associations, age, gender, interests, hobbies, locations and much more.

With social media advertising campaigns, you target the searcher, not the search term, allowing you to better target the specific audience that you want to reach.

Social Media Advertising

Directly target your audience

Drive sales

How Can SEO Help Your Company?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a critical component of online marketing.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a critical component of online marketing. At we use a combination of the latest onsite and off-site strategies to produce top results.
Google processes billions of searches every day, and the vast majority of searchers never look beyond the first page. Do you know where your company ranks?
If it’s not at the top of the rankings, it might as well be invisible.
Together we can push your website above your competition.

Being Social is a Full Time Job

Social media posting

Social media postings are – by their nature – temporary. That means you need to post regularly to stay relevant and in your followers’ minds.

However, social media posting is only part of the equation.

Professional social media posting

Organic growth

Engage your audience


Engage a larger audience

On networks like Facebook, only a small portion of your followers will see what you share.

That’s where options like boosted posting can play an important role. Promote high-quality content like videos,

blog posts or photos from your business to increase their visibility to people who like your page

Expand your reach
Promote high-quality content
Increase visibility


Social Media Marketing 


Attract Your Audience

Attract Your Audience

What makes your customers tick?

Targeting the right audience is a critical, but often overlooked phase of effective social media marketing. If you don’t know who your customers are, how can you reach them?


A Team Of

Engage Your Audience

Social media users want to be engaged, which means they want to see intriguing and relevant posts that appeal to their interests. Our social media marketing team understands this need and works with you to make your brand effective at connecting with your audience.

Grow Your Audience

Cultivating an audience online is more challenging than ever.

With so many social outlets, complicated algorithms and restricted exposure, it’s hard for business owners to find the time to manage social outlets effectively.


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