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Translation company

Translation company

company247 is a global translation services company focusing on AI speeding and enhancing document translation services. Its headquarters are in Europe, America Latino  and the US and it has agent translation offices. If you are looking for 'translation services near me' - look no further: all our translation services Offices are standing by to offer you a fast translation quote.

Translating Your Immigration Documents in Panama

Translating Your Immigration Documents in Panama

How do you get a certified translation of a document that is not in SPANISH ?

As part of the immigration process, you’ll need to submit documented evidence supporting your application. If any supporting document is not written in Spanish, you must provide a certified translation. Our professional translating team  will walk you through the process of properly obtaining and submitting a certified translation for immigration purposes.We also will handle the documents with the ministry of exterior Panama Ask free information 


Multilingual Website Development

Our Key Multilingual Services

As a multilingual web development agency, we assist organizations and companies to realize the potential of becoming international players and help them capitalize on the internet marketplace through our varied multilingual website design services . Our offshore team consists of experts who are experienced in languages like JavaScript, PHP, HTML, XML etc, creative designers and specialists having proficiency in developing websites in various languages.

  • Multilingual website development and designing
  • Web designs with graphically arresting elements
  • Content creation services
  • Promotion of sites in search engines


Content Management System Development

Content Management System Development

Simplify The Publication Of Your Website Content With CMS Application Development

Effectively managing the valuable content of your website is important to keep it updated and inform your customers about the latest news, events, products and other information related to business. Good content helps to get higher exposure and is also considered to be the best marketing strategy. Enterprise content management services allow you to control and manage the information on your site without any technical training.
If you are willing to create a comprehensive, search engine friendly website that can be managed effortlessly, then we at company247, a CMS development company can help you to achieve that by offering content management solutions. We clearly understand that business success relies heavily on the ability to offer information to the potential customers quickly. So we take every initiative to provide you with the best and sophisticated content management services that are customized to suit your business needs and goals.

Our Key CMS Development Services Include

company247, a professional CMS development company strives to offer the clients with effective solutions so that they do not face any hassles while managing their site content. All our content management system solutions are customized and facilitate improved workflow, quick modifications and higher productivity. Our professionals have expertise in technologies:

Type of CMS solutions that we have delivered

It is our years of experience in handling a wide range of requirements that we are able to deliver the finest solutions that help non technical users to maintain their corporate sites efficiently.

  • Ecommerce and online shopping stores
  • Business websites
  • Information portals and online directories
  • Internal and external community sites
  • Real estate website development
Spanish translation services

Spanish translation services

Company247 offers professional Spanish document translation services with English translations into Spanish and also from Spanish into more than 100 languages. With an internal Spanish translation department in charge of your projects and translation quality, you can trust knowledgeable Spanish translators and terminologists with years of experience, using state-of-the-art computer-assisted translation tools to translate your content into Spanish perfectly.

Every Company247 translator specializes in a different field, such as the Spanish translation of technical documents or engineering translations, legal Spanish translations, life science translations into Spanish and from Spanish into English, Immigration, pharma-medical translations, etc.

If you need to translate into Spanish frequently, you can rely on savings. Our Research and Development department has created extremely efficient language databases as part of EU-sponsored language technology research. They recall identical sentences and substitute subsegment terms and group of words using your own previously translated material. This is not machine translation but intelligent advanced leveraging of your translation and terminology assets.

Nevertheless, we can also build customized machine translation engines to accelerate your translation process and time-to-market. Using your old translations into Spanish, you will be able to plug into our API machine translation and pre-translate documents and files with your own terminology and expressions. Or we make Legal translations .

Legal Document Translations,

Legal Document Translations

Whenever you need professional legal translations, you can trust Company247 to provide ACCURATE legal translation services. We offer not  not only a legal translations, but also many language-related legal services.

Legal Document Translations

Company247 legal translation record shows our ongoing commitment to translation quality, speed, and subject-area expertise for international contracts, translation of agreements, translations for litigation services, etc.

destaca27DRAFT LEGAL

  First Translation and check for information purposes
  • Fast translation services
  • Efficient translation service
  • Keeping to budget


 Translation and proof for serious purposes
  • Corporate level translation services
  • Quality legal translation services
  • ISO9001/ certified
  • Efficient translation service
  • Always keeping to budget


Read and summarize
  • An expert legal translator reads and summarizes the text and important elements
  • Cost-efficient translation service
  • Budget

We have been supplying certified legal translations since 1997 for a variety of purposes:

  • Terms of engagement.
  • Patents.
  • Expressions of Interest and tender conditions.
  • Negotiations.
  • Articles of Association and Company Accounts.
  • Property deeds.
  • Notarized certificates (marriage, birth, death, etc).
  • Proposals, tenders and contract awards.
  • Translation of proposals for international civil engineering / construction work.

If you need legal translations for an important international bid in another language, a proposal, company accounts that need to be presented to an organization as part of your registration process, or you need a reliable patent translation partner, trust Company247 for legal document translation. We can also liaise with lawyers, solicitors in-country and obtain information on the legal aspects that affect your bid, translation your queries, and research legal aspects with the help of professional local legal services.We have Immigration Lawyers in Panama , visit Https:// 

Highly Accredited Legal Translators

We are one of only a few translation companies that have achieved both the prestigious ISO 9001:2008 certification for our translation management and translation processes as well as the specific EN17100 for translation services (and EN13485 for medical devices). Company247 is also a member of several translation associations . Our legal translation clients can therefore be completely assured of the top quality and consistency of our legal translations.

Machine Translation Services for Legal Translations

This is a specialist service with our own machine translation technology. You can use it to obtain a gist of foreign patents into your language, for example. It is particularly useful if you need to check certain aspects of current patents that have been granted by world patent offices (Chinese Patent Office, European Patent Office, Japanese Patent Office, US Patent Office) or national patent offices. Company247 can create custom-built translation engines for your specific field. However, it is also useful if you need to keep the format of original documents in a bid or request for proposal in a language you do not understand. Delivery will take place from our servers and using our high-encryption secure client portal, when confidentiality is paramount

Legal translation services

Translation Levels

If you need draft legal translations or certified legal translations, you are looking for an expert legal translations team that provides accuracy, attention to detail, is familiar with different legal systems, and even has a legal background. This is an important if you are translating an important tender or contract, but even much more in the case of legal translations when litigation or negotiations are at stake.

We recommend using our Premium Translation Service if your documents are of utmost importance to you and our Standard or Draft Translation Service if you simply want to find out about some legalities or want to understand something. You will be surprised at the high quality of our Standard Translation Service and how many legal translations and documents can be translated within budget. Our translation agency has a record of thousands of translated pages every month. Thus, our processes and databases are optimised for your benefit – we are Gigabytes of legal translations data as reference material. Therefore, you can benefit from Company247 years of translation experience to obtain a fast legal translation service that works. We use the latest translation technologies in order to translate and keep a record of your documents so you do not have to pay for any previously translated sentence ever again.

Proofreading your own translations

If you are proficient in a foreign language but you are not a native speaker, you can send us your translation and it will be proofread and certified by an expert legal translator (proofreading legal translation service) and sent back to you.

Types of documents for our Legal Translations Services

Our legal translation services are complete and include recreating Microsoft Office(TM) files in Word, Excel or PowerPoint(TM) formats* among others. We deal with any type of documents you may need to translate into a foreign language.

Areas of our legal translations expertise include documents such as:

  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Banking and Finance
  • Contracts and Bids
  • Engineering, Automotive and Aerospace
  • Food and Agriculture
  • Law and Litigation Support
  • Medical, Pharma and Health
  • Patent, Technology
  • Personal Legal Documents
  • Power, Energy and Extractive Industries

Legal translations can include documents as well as contracts, manuals, etc. This means that  your “legal document” may also contain technical descriptions about your equipment or processes – a legal translation background would then not suffice and you will need our expert team for both fields. Our expert translation project managers will set up a manage expert translators and proofreaders in finances, engineering and legal translations, for example. Our extensive translation memory databases accumulated over the years provide our translators an excellent reference library with bilingual translations they can use for reference.

Other areas where our legal translation service has earned a reputation for quality are:

  • Translation of Birth Certificates
  • Translation of Marriage Certificates
  • Translation of Divorce Decrees
  • Translation of High School Diplomas
  • Translation of Institute Diplomas
  • Translation of University Diplomas
  • Translation of Profession Certifications
  • Translation of Employment Forms
  • Translation of CVs/Resumes
  • Translation of Personal correspondence
  • Translation of Immigration Documents

We Are Here to Provide Legal Help

We have over 30 years of consultancy experience in business, real estate, criminal and general practice law and we strive to deliver.

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