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Great Monitoring Tool

It’s not always easy to determine which elements of your site are successful and which ones need improvement. With so many different things to consider, it can be incredibly difficult to analyze a website’s performance and make the proper adjustments. Even experienced web developers can miss crucial details that prevent a site from thriving.

At Content Customs, our approach to website analysis is like bringing your car into the shop for a full checkup – we examine every aspect of your site to determine the improvements that will make it more successful. We’ll then create an action plan and take all necessary steps to allow your site to rise above its competition

Social Media Analysis

Creating Your Profiles

The first step in any social media marketing campaign involves deciding which networks to target. At Content Customs, you will work with a dedicated marketing strategist who can help you determine which social networks will be the most appropriate and effective for your brand. Of course, we may find that it’s best to center your efforts on one social network instead of several. Simply creating a profile on every possible network is not efficient or effective. For example, if you own a site that focuses primarily on graphic design, Pinterest might be a valuable network for your business. Marketing on Vine, however, might end up being a waste of your time.

Keyword Search

At Content Customs, we perform keyword research that goes far beyond simply identifying which keywords your website should be targeting. In addition to creating a detailed keyword research portfolio for your site, we can help you analyze the data to determine an SEO strategy that encourages rank growth and avoids black hat tactics.

Competitive Analysis

These are all questions that a competitive analysis from Content Customs is designed to answer. A competitive analysis starts with a detailed report on your competitors, revealing keywords they rank highly for, sites that link to them, Google AdWords campaigns they have, content on their site that gets the most attention, and many more insights into what keeps them successful

Link Building

Websites that want to rank highly in search engines must have plenty of other sites linking to them. A large and varied backlink profile is absolutely essential for ranking highly, as it’s one of the most important things that search engines look for. Anytime someone links to your site, they’re essentially casting a “vote” that reflects the quality and value they’ve found in it.

Web Marketing Analytics

Your website analysis report will involve as much consultation time as you need to understand the current state of your site and how Content Customs can improve it. Members of our team can then work with you to decide which strategies you’d like to engage in going forward. Our website analysis services can involve nothing more than the overall report if you’d wish, or you can decide to work with our professional marketers, designers and content creators to improve your site as directed by the report.

About This Service

Many website analysis services only describe part of your website’s performance. The Content Customs approach to website analysis involves diving deep into your website code, content, backlink profile, design, social media and overall marketing approach to identify existing weaknesses and improve on them. Contact us today to find out more

Website Development Services

Website development is a highly involved and cooperative process between various professionals with a wide variety of knowledge, skills, and creativity.

This being said, there are few development companies that are able to successfully incorporate an in-house structure that supports all aspects of creating a successful website.


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