Impact of Web Design on User Experience

Impact of Web Design on User Experience

Impact of Web Design

“When planning effective advertising of your brand, keep user experience in mind. There are likely to be multiple clicks on your URL simultaneously from different users”, says Brendan Wilde, Digital Marketing Strategist at Openhost. “Therefore, your website needs to be designed to accommodate all of them at any time. Make sure the loading speed doesn’t slow down – regardless of the device being used.”

Google considers page load time as a factor in ranking sites in its search results. Therefore, users with high-speed internet also expect fast-loading web pages, but when your website has a lot of embedded videos, it slows down the loading speed. Unnecessary plugins, widgets and large images also affect page load time. This has a drastic effect on user experience. Your main aim is to satisfy the user. Therefore, build your website with that in mind. Don’t keep uploading flashy images or videos that add no value to the page.

Videos and images say a thousand words, but you wouldn’t want to lose a thousand visitors who are tired of waiting for those files to load. You will need to compress the large files and delete those that are not important to the page.

When putting up ads, place them either at the bottom or top of the page. Users get turned off when they see ads taking up the whole screen. This makes it difficult for them to navigate through your page easily. You can either use sliding ads or include only relevant ads in the simplest manner. Keeping all these factors in place will help you execute the right digital marketing strategy making your company succeed online.