Gravit Designer

Gravit Designer is an accessible and powerful design tool that wants to compete with solutions like Sketch or Adobe Xd.


GRAVIT Accessible and multiplatform

At C247, we like the tools that save time daily and we enjoyed it. For those wishing to learn about interface design solutions, this solution offers many advantages: Gravit Designer is free, multiplatform and compatible with all devices (computer, smartphone, tablet) and allows you to make graphic design and models.


Behind this solution, we find a German team that since 2015 is working hard to offer a tool equivalent to market references. Gravit Designer surprises by its accessibility, its fluidity, its ease of use but also by the fact that it is not necessary to install a native application. The service can launch directly from the Chrome browser.


Among the interesting features of the app is the ability to design specific images, such as social network covers or business cards. This saves a lot of time, especially regarding the graphic personalization of social networks, which is often quite time-consuming because you must search the web for the size of each banner and profile picture before creating the visuals.

A nice and functional interface

The interface will not disturb the regular Sketch as it is quite like that of the soft Bohemian BV. In contrast, purple colors are the most beautiful effect!


Being quite recent, Gravit Designer does not yet embark all the features and plugins found on Sketch. Nevertheless, its popularity leads to optimism about the addition of new tools by the publisher or the community and it is a safe bet that it will be compatible with other software.


The main argument remains in any case its price, accessibility and ease of use.


Gravit Designer, an interface design tool


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