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WordPress para sitios web de pequeñas empresas

We’re Web Designers and we specialize in WordPress Development.


Desarrollo de wordpress

Aquí hay muchas plataformas CMS por ahí. Muchas plataformas ofrecen versiones “gratuitas” de su software en particular. Algunos no son tan fáciles de usar. Configuramos y creamos su CMS para usted, y consultaremos sobre las mejores prácticas para mantener su blog o sitio web basado en CMS. Hable con nosotros para su proyecto de desarrollo de WordPress.

Gestión de redes sociales

El marketing en redes sociales es esencial. En las redes sociales “propiedad” (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn y YouTube) y “ganado” (retweets, me gusta, compartir, viral), las señales sociales son importantes (especialmente en términos de SEO). Haga que su negocio sea más relevante, más accesible y más accesible. mas competitivo. La exposición a través de las redes sociales puede conectarlo e involucrarlo con clientes potenciales.


Web Design

There are billions of web pages on the internet competing for the user’s attention at any given time and making sure your message gets through (and sticks!) is essential to the success of ANY online campaign. Talk to us about your website. That’s what we do, web design.

Online Ads

It pays to have your online ad campaigns properly managed- as a novice, you run the risk of wasting resources, time and money on ineffective ad campaigns. Plan carefully before you spend on online advertising. We choose your target audience and with the help of properly installed tracking code on your website, results can be directly measured.

Let us build you a Quality Online Store and website

We work closely with you to make your vision a reality, and we always try to save you time and money, with cost-effective solutions to getting your products and services online.

We’ll guide the process from start to finish.



Let us help you find the perfect solution. We’ll carefully analyze your specific requirements.

Website Revamps

We understand that one of the single most important factors of every successful website

is having a clear goal and carefully planned strategy to achieve exactly that goal.

Simply building a website is a positive if you had no website at all,

but expecting it to perform well in terms of your goals is unrealistic without the correct planning and marketing.

Our revamp plans are comprehensive- all aspects of your site are looked at as a whole,

including one the most important (and often overlooked) factors: your online marketing.

Allow us to help you plan your website revamp


Allow us to take your website forward in terms of coding and site architecture.

Whether you have an old site that desperately needs upgrading and a fresh redesign,

or wish to simplify your life (and management of your website) by porting

over to a fully customized Content Management System (CMS)

we’ll be able to best advise you on the necessary steps to take.

What’s more, we handle the entire process from start to finish,

we have taken many older sites and revised and upgraded them,

making future site management simpler

and improving SEO at the same time.

Website Fixes

We’ll analyze your current website for errors and

plan solutions to get your website to a standards compliant stage.

We’ll plan around your goals and consult with you on the best

possible strategy and site architecture to achieve the goal

you originally had in mind when building the site.

There are many kinds of errors and niggles.

Some may be technical issues and some may be design related.

Allow us to take a look at your website and advise you on the best course of action.

Interactive Maps

Depending on your business, a map can help provide visitors with key information.

Display one location, or multiple ones, enabling your customers to find directions to your destination easily.

Easy Contact Forms

We create forms for your website that allow you to gather new leads and contacts

while giving you the ability to track conversions and responses.

Marketing Integration

Once your website is live doesn’t mean the work is done.

With lots of popular marketing plugins available to WordPress, from newsletters to social media,

our team can help integrate those services creating the ultimate marketing machine.


A good blog goes a long way. Not only does regular blogging strengthen your SEO,

but it’s also a way to establish your expertise and provide your customers

with the information they seek. Blog effortlessly with WordPress.

Whether it’s company news or product updates for your customers and fans,

you can control content, editors, authors, users, and subscribers from an easy-to-use dashboard.

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